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-Jae Woo, Atlantic Regional Center of New Jersey

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-Kevin Wright, Owner, Wright Johnson LLC

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-Kern Kwong, Ph.D., Tenured Professor, California State University, Los Angeles; Chairman, Asia Pacific, JANAS ASSOCIATES, Offices: Pasadena - Honolulu - Hong Kong - Guangzhou

"The EB-5 Definitive Guide is a must have primer for anyone considering setting up and running an EB-5 designated regional center. The authors' years of experience in the field give him detailed insight, which he shares with the reader, into the complex processes and issues, and how to avoid the many potential pitfalls. I wish I had had such a detailed and comprehensive guide when I first began advising clients on EB-5 regional centers."

-Rana Jazayerli Esq., EB-5 Immigration Attorney, Dilworth Paxson LLP