The Most Common Mistake

It's hard to imagine that any person or business would go to the time and trouble of setting up a regional center if they didn't fully intend to make use of the program to raise capital. Yet only one third of approved EB-5 regional centers are actively taking in investment dollars. So what happened?

The most common mistake that regional centers make is not understanding all of the unique forces at play in the EB-5 program before they commit themselves to their initial application.

The nature of the program and all of the associated processes involved in successfully raising money require that as much as possible of the strategic planning and administrative processes be developed thoroughly prior to making the initial I-924 application. Failing to adhere to this methodology has led to dormant regional centers, unhappy investors and huge amounts of time and money lost.

The number one complaint from companies that put regional centers together is that the client got tripped up by things they did not quite understand, which can cause long delays and the need to spend more money.

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