About the Guide


The EB-5 Definitive Guide was assembled by a group of like-minded professionals in the EB-5 space who realized that there was a need to help those seeking capital to quickly and easily understand the program and what it can do for them.

Save Time

On average it takes someone investigating EB-5 regional centers anywhere from 6 to 12 weeks to get sufficient answers to know if this is the right move for them without hiring a consultant outright. The EB-5 Definitive Guide gives you the key information to enable you to learn what you need to know quickly and in one place.

Save Money

Between webinars, seminars, travel, lawyer consultations and speaking to other experts it often takes many thousands of dollars to get all the necessary information and interpretations together, and even then it can be a disjointed grouping of information that often has pieces missing.

Understanding How to Put Together Your Deal

The EB-5 Definitive Guide provides tips on how to structure your deal for maximum investor interest. Get information from leading experts in the field: The EB-5 Definitive Guide includes inputs from many of the most experienced experts in the EB-5 sphere.

Build your team: understand all the various roles and requirements before you start putting your team together.

Position for success: everything from marketing to the structure of your deal plays a role in positioning your opportunity for successful uptake among foreign investors. Learn tips relating to marketing to investors in various countries

Investor Success

Get the investment dollars in the door: Learn from research conducted by EB-5 marketers who have successfully signed on investors to EB-5 projects to the tune of hundreds of millions of dollars.

Understand the investor's perspective: this is an often-overlooked step in building an EB-5 regional center or direct EB-5 project.

Understanding how the investor thinks and what they need to go through is critical to the long-term success of your EB-5 project. Knowing what you need to know before going too far down the road can save lost time which may come from having to revise a plan after it has been developed.

Little-known strategies: Understand how you can use some of the little-known and rarely used program allowances that can give your regional center added flexibility and increased chances of success when putting together an EB-5 regional center application. Avoid costly mistakes: with only one third of approved regional centers actively taking in money today, it is clear that many have made mistakes. These mistakes could have been avoided with a proper and educated approach.

What You Get:

The 280 page comprehensive guide
A free introduction service to industry experts for purchasers of the guide
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